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Understanding motivators helps staff out of a rut

We all know that there’s a strong correlation between motivation and performance.  Recently a leader I was coaching had identified issues with a member of their team, and was trying to find them a role within the organisation that they would enjoy.

The employee had probably been in role for a couple of years longer than was healthy, so by now was very demotivated – the results being variable performance, and consistent mistakes.

The root of the problem was identified when we looked at their motivation profile.  They loved doing new things and solving customer problems, but their role just didn’t lend itself to this.  We discussed the risk of them leaving, but they insisted they wanted to stay at the company, in a different role.

New and exciting roles don’t come along every day, so the action plan here was to really focus on getting the mundane things completed quickly and accurately, to free up time to work on more creative areas.  As well as fulfilling the need for innovation, this approach is far more likely to lead to a new role, as the employee will be getting noticed for the right reasons.

So if you think you can’t get your staff out of a rut, think again.

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How Motivation Drives Performance – Builder Profile

So we’ve seen how Directors, those who seek control, can maintain and increase their motivation levels.  Now let’s take a look at the Builder.

If you have Builder as one of your top motivators, you are motivated by money and material things.  You like a high standard of living and you tend to compare yourself with what others have, and want more.  You will regularly review your financial investments, and are likely to have multiple income streams.

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Fire Your Grumpy Staff?

I read a great article recently with the above title.   The essence of the message was “I can’t for the life of me see how great customer service can be delivered by staff who hate – or don’t enjoy – their jobs. Great service experiences are always a result of someone who is engaged and sees the problem through the customer’s eyes.”

Couldn’t agree more.  However, you don’t need to fire all of them.  A Motivation Review of the team would soon establish if you had the right people in the right roles to deliver excellent customer service.  More importantly it gives leaders the opportunity to engage with staff at a different, emotional, level – to identify the reasons behind any grumpiness.

A small change in a leader’s reward strategy to each individual will then make a big difference to employee motivation – and customer service.

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Leaders – Treat Followers As Equals

Enjoy this simple, light-hearted look at how a leader’s natural skills encourage the initial following, which quickly grows into a movement.

There are many qualities required in any such situation – confidence, self-belief, energy, empathy.  Let me know what else you spotted.  The motivation of the leader is clearly Spirit, and their passion for what they believe in.  But is is their ability to let followers lead others which ultimately makes the difference.

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How Motivation Drives Performance – Expert Profile

So we’ve seen how Friends, those who seek belonging, can maintain and increase their motivation levels. Now let’s take a look at the Expert.

If you have Expert as one of your top motivators, you seek mastery of a subject, and you like to pass that knowledge on to others.  You actively seek opportunities to demonstrate expertise in the specialised fields in which you operate.   Training opportunities are highly motivating for you, though a course is not always necessary, as you enjoy self-development too.

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How Motivation Drives Performance – Defender Profile

So we’ve seen how Stars, those who are driven by public recognition, can maintain and increase their motivation levels. Now let’s take a look at the Defender.

If you have Defender as one of your top motivators, you really don’t like surprises!  You need stability, security and predictability, which means that you demand more communication than the average employee.

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Meaning At Work

I read People Management’s interview with Dave Ulrich with interest – see The Why Guy.

The most compelling part for me is the affirmation that the responsibility for motivating staff, or providing meaning for what they do, sits firmly with business leaders.

That’s why we engage at C- level, with the support of HR, when dealing with Motivation Reviews.  When a leader invests from their P&L and sees the benefits directly (increased sales, customer satisfaction, productivity) everyone wins.

When organisations are really smart, the leader also empowers their direct reports with this responsibility.  This means the organisation is focussed on success through the motivation of  its employees – a powerful way to drive results.

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How Motivation Drives Performance – Creator Profile

So we’ve seen how Spirits, those who are driven by autonomy, can maintain and increase their motivation levels. Now let’s take a look at the Creator.

If you have Creator as one of your top motivators, you will seek and embrace change and innovation.   Your favourite gift is a blank sheet of paper; your worst nightmare the company handbook of processes and procedures.  You are highly motivated when you are given the opportunity to identify new ideas, new ways of doing old things, or to solve problems – as long as you get the credit, not your boss.

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The Pash Factor

If you didn’t know Sarah Howells (aka Pash) then you’re too late, as this amazing lady sadly left us last week (presumably for something far more important).

If you did, you’ll understand why she has inspired me to write this – and the more observant of you will notice it is only my third blog entry! (more…)

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