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Team building sessions – do they work?

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I once met with the team leader for a new client who told me he wasn’t too keen on doing the Team Motivation Review his HR Director had contracted me to carry out. When I asked why, he told me that he had spent ‘a small fortune’ on a team building session in the last 6 months and not only were most of the team not very keen, but it made ‘absolutely no difference whatsoever’.

So the question is…..Team Building Sessions, do they work?

Well the short answer is yes, they can, but you must consider a few essential points:

What are the objectives of the Team Building Session?

Obviously the main objective will be bringing the team together, but to what end? Are you hoping to achieve more sales? Perhaps you would like the team to work more effectively together? Are there issues between team members? It is very important to take time to recognise the objectives, before you start planning.

What kind of activity should you pick?

Many activities can be used to create more cohesive teams, but it is essential to pick the right activity for your team and to meet your objectives. If your team like dining out and visiting the theatre in their spare time, then they are unlikely to enjoy orienteering in the Welsh mountains.  It may be a good idea to ask your team what activities they would enjoy, although bear in mind that you can’t please all the people all the time. Also keep in mind that some activities are not conducive to building teams; quad biking for example might be fun, but it is a solo activity and not likely to give any team benefits.

In terms of objectives, if you want to increase sales, find an activity that is sales related, and preferably competitive (but not TOO competitive!).  If you have team cohesion issues, pick an activity that has a defined outcome, where the success of that outcome depends on the team working together.

Hold a pre-meeting

Rather than surprising your team with an announcement of a Team Building Activity, consider holding a pre-meeting with the team. You can use this to outline the idea of Team Building and the aims of the activity, as well as canvassing opinions on what they would like to do and what they would like to get out of it.

This will create a focus for the activity, and you can start to gain the team’s commitment to it before it even starts.

The Team Building Activity is the start, not the end

Ensure that you get the best from your Team Building Session by scheduling a follow-up session on your return. Involve the whole team to get feedback on what they enjoyed, what they feel they got out of the experience and what issues were resolved. You can also pin point any opportunities that may have been missed, or anything that did not go so well.

The most important thing is to capture any actions that you and/or the team need to take to move them forward, and who is going to take ownership of each action (ideally the team would own most of the actions).

So remember to do your preparation and review the activity on your return to ensure you get the best from your Team Building investment.

“But did the team leader commit to the Team Motivation Review?” I hear you ask!  When I explained how we can help him to understand what makes each person tick, if they are enjoying their jobs (and if not, why not, and what can be done about it), and even if they are thinking of leaving, yes he did.  You can see the results in the case studies area of our website.

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The effect of the wrong role

It is easy to end up in the wrong place (role) at the wrong time.  You keep working at it, because you don’t want it to fail and because changing your job will inevitably cause BIG changes in your life. However being in the wrong role, can cause huge stress for you, your colleagues or team and your family.

Walking away from the wrong job is not an occasion for sadness and disappointment, it is an opportunity for joy! Look around you at the people you know who LOVE their jobs – how are they different from you? They’re not…they just had the confidence to say ‘no’ to the wrong roles and ‘yes’ to the right one.

It is exponentially more important for leaders to enjoy what they do, as it has such an impact on their teams, the business and ultimately their own success. A leader who loves their job will be motivated, enthusiastic and driven.

As a leader you need to:-

  • Set a vision for your team and have a clear strategy to achieve it
  • Give your team responsibility by delegating goals and objectives (not tasks)
  • Be enthusiastic about your team developing themselves
  • Recognise and recruit people who are better than you are at specialist skills
  • Help, empower and coach your team to be the best they can and succeed

Here are 10 signs to look for, which mean you could be in the wrong role :-

  • You find the role difficult and often make mistakes
  • You feel like you don’t fit in with your colleagues
  • You don’t talk about your work to friends and family
  • You get poor feedback from your team and superiors
  • You are ‘just doing it for the money’
  • You can’t be yourself
  • You feel bored and are easily distracted
  • You dread Sunday evenings because Monday morning means work
  • You don’t dream of promotion and career advancement
  • You watch the clock, waiting for 5:30pm to come

If you are in the wrong role, make a change and you could be a winner!

If you are still not sure whether you are in the wrong role, or you lead people who you think might be in the wrong role, contact us to discover how we can answer those questions for you.

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