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The death of the annual appraisal…

The death of the annual appraisal...

The death of the annual appraisal…

A bold statement, but with the news this week that management consultancy firm Accenture have said farewell to the age-old system of annual performance evaluations, perhaps not so uncommon.

Many large corporations including Microsoft and Adobe have also dropped the annual appraisal finding that it saved them money in man hours regained – Adobe’s annual appraisals took up 80,000 hours.  However this is not the only reason organisations are considering removing appraisals completely.  With businesses becoming more dynamic and business processes constantly changing, waiting 12 months to evaluate employee performance makes the appraisal system irrelevant and unfair.  For some, the annual appraisal has become little more than a form filling process followed by an uncomfortable conversation about salaries and bonuses.

But appraisals don’t have to be like this.  I have long been a proponent of regular reviews of employee performance, with the performance aspects of the annual appraisal being a ‘summary’ of ongoing assessment.  This way, the appraisal can be one of the simplest and most enjoyable aspects of a manager’s job, while employees get the opportunity to step away from their day job to discuss what’s on their mind, such as personal and career development.

Here are some top tips for assessing your team’s performance :-

  • Meet regularly to discuss your team member’s performance, the frequency of reviews depends on the role, but I would recommend monthly meetings
  • Regularly gather information for the review by observing the team member, as well as talking to customers, staff and other managers
  • Make sure you both understand how things are going :- 
- is the individual on track?
- what’s going well?
- what needs to change?
- are there any potential issues or obstacles you can help with?
- agree who takes any actions
  • Compare your views of their current ‘rating’.  Then you have time before the appraisal to resolve any differences.
  • Most importantly there should be NO SURPRISES, in any aspect of their performance.  If performance issues occur in the workplaces they should be addressed immediately, not left until the monthly review.  If something comes up the day before, or that morning then postpone the review rather than discussing it during the appraisal.

By implementing this regular review system you can initiate discussions between managers and employees, which produce happier, successful and more productive teams.  This proactive system means change can be effected immediately and your whole organisation will benefit from this dynamic approach.

Oh, and the appraisal will no longer be an onerous, pointless overhead!


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