Improving Employees Energy and Motivation

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One of the trickiest areas of leading people is understanding the what depletes energy levels in your staff and the impact this has on your business. Emotions like these can bring a whole team down, so it is important to deal with them quickly and positively.

As a leader it is your role to get the best from your team. Energising and motivating your employees should be among your top priorities as a leader because it helps ensure your employees are engaged in their work rather than just checking off tasks on a list and going through the motions.

Showing that you’re interested in your employees’ well-being will go a long way towards establishing a work environment that helps them to feel energised and gives them an outlet for that energy. This will, in turn, maximise business productivity.

If you see signs that your team members may be underperforming or losing motivation, you need to step in before their energy dwindles any further.

Sometimes simple changes can make a big difference. Here are some ideas :

Positive Work Environment

This makes employees feel good about coming to work and provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day. Employees need to feel comfortable and free to express themselves. Open communication addresses the employee’s need to feel that what they have to say has value. They feel that there is mutual respect among all employees, regardless of their “official statuses”.

Opportunities To Grow

If positions are stagnant, employees can lose motivation and this can affect their work. One way to show employees that you want them to grow professionally is to have one-on-one conversations about personal and professional goals, focusing on how the company can help.

Review development plans regularly, taking people out of their comfort zones and into new areas.

Eliminate Stress

When employees are subjected to too much stress at work they are likely to be less engaged and less productive. Set realistic deadlines, keep projects manageable and maintain a dialogue with workers to see how they’re handling the work assigned to them.

Show Appreciation

Employees work harder and care more about their jobs when their efforts are noticed and rewarded. Appreciation doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. A simple “thank you” is enough. The key is to give regular positive and constructive feedback, not just at annual reviews.

If you take care of your employees and invest time in making them happy, the more energised and motivated they will be. You’ll notice a difference in their performance; they’ll take care of your customers and work better within your team. Your business can only benefit from the maximisation of your employees energy levels.


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