I’ve promoted my best salesperson to leader of the sales team, but it’s not working out, why?

June 9, 2015 at 1:25 pm Leave a comment

When looking for a new sales leader, many companies look for candidates among their existing sales team and select their best salesperson for the managerial role. They assume that because an individual is good at sales, they will be successful in the management of a sales team too. Of course, they may be right and a great many successful salespeople do become successful managers. However this is not always the case.

Salespeople are successful when they meet the customer’s needs whilst also achieving the company’s financial goals. A successful salesperson is driven and persistent with eagerness and willingness to seize opportunities. They do, however, require fuel to keep them working at their highest level. This fuel is motivation and it exists in many forms, often tied to incentives and rewards for a job well done.

Sales managers also succeed by meeting customer needs and achieving objectives, but they are neither the hunter nor the centre of the action. Managers contribute to customer and company success when their team of people is successful. A lacklustre sales force benefits from a manager that sets a firm example of hard work. Even productive sales people need a manager that encourages them to strive further and give credit when it’s due. Managers have the opportunity to increase sales productivity and job performance, all while maintaining a positive and stress-free work environment.

Of course any new manager will require training in their new role and coaching to develop their skills, so whether you have promoted from within or recruited from elsewhere, you must ensure you are giving them that.

Managers are coaches; they need to be able to get satisfaction from achieving objectives through others. However when a salesperson gets promoted to manager, it’s no longer about them, it’s about the team. Unless you select a sales person who is able to cope with this change and who has the characteristics it takes to do the next job well, not just those who have demonstrated success in their current job, your sales management team will be average at best.


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