Times are tough and I’m not sure if I can afford big bonuses for my staff this year? Is there any other way to ensure they stay?

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Many managers believe that the only way to motivate their employees is with money, bonuses, salary increases, overtime or increased benefits. Of course, good managers want their employees to have the best that the company can possibly offer. In spite of that, sometimes their just isn’t the money to provide these perks and you may be at loss as to what you should do instead to motivate your employees. There are, however, things you can do to keep your staff focused and happy.

1 – Be a good communicator

You cannot be a good leader without being an effective communicator. This means the ability to both communicate with your staff and also listen to their ideas and at times concerns. The most effective leaders are the ones who take the time to listen not just to their team members’ words but also the meanings beneath what is being said. Communicate to them that your door is always open should they need to discuss anything with you. As the people on the front lines, they often have a lot of valuable information to share and important questions and concerns that you need to address.

2 – Energise your team

Instead of being a manager who sucks energy away from your team you need to be a manager who motivates and brings passion and positive energy to your team. Your employees need to feel that they are appreciated and that their hard work is noticed. Without this you will have team lacking in energy and unwilling to work towards the best possible outcomes for both you and the business.

3 – Recognition

No matter how impressive your employees are and how dedicated to the business they are, everyone still needs a healthy dose of appreciation to keep them going. It may sounds like a simple thing but never forget to tell your employees, as often and in as many ways as possible, that your business could never accomplish all it does without their help. Your recognition is appreciation for their achievements and most managers do not do this enough. Recognition is free so become a manager who does this, look at the benefits for your business, they can only be positive.

4 – Training

Many managers feel like their staff are already trained enough or that their staff are already good enough and don’t need to be trained. However, this is not the way to motivate your staff or develop your business. There is no thing as too much training.  I know this takes time, but group-training sessions focused on specific areas will continually enhance the performance of your staff and the productivity of your business. As well as this you can also offer your employees one-on-one coaching.  One-on-one development means you care and employees won’t know how much until they see your willingness to develop their personal and business potential.

5 – Progression

Your employees need to know what is potentially ahead for them, what opportunities there are for growth. This is an important issue in the overall motivation of people. Set career paths and opportunities for the staff within your business. Although specific circumstances require you to look for talent outside your company you should always first consider internal personnel. If you do this you are sending a very positive message to every one that there are indeed further career opportunities within your company.

While it may seem that cash incentives are the only way to motivate your staff and keep them working to the highest of their potential, non-cash motivators may be more effective in the long term.


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